[ Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ]

A title suggestion

Maybe Ann Coulter can just call her next book Naaa, Naaa, Naaa, Naaa, Naaa, I Can’t Hear You, Liberals Have Cooties.

The conservative shrill machine could also place a picture of herself on the cover with her fingers in her ears.

It basically would make an appropriate follow-up to her recent release entitled Treason. In the book, Coulter takes 355 pages to explain what she perceives as the evils of liberalism, as she compares them to her view of patriotism through examples like former Senator Joseph McCarthy’s approach to shaping America. It was known as McCarthyism, which basically amounted to him attempting to quarantine people he did not think were as American as he was.

Coulter, of course, calls McCarthyism a liberal creation that never really existed.

She stated as much in a recent 10-question interview with Time.

Coulter also took the time to pay tribute to McCarthy by posting a picture of herself standing by his grave at

During the interview, Coulter relied on her usual mix of hyperbole, intolerance, and general confusion that for some reason everybody in the world does not think like a middle class, white, Christian, conservative American. When asked about liberals’ approach to the war on terror, Coulter stated, “They are rooting against America.”

Coulter, who can cram as much foolishness and narrow-mindedness into a square inch of text or second of speech as anybody, continued. Time asked her: “Do you see a way forward for Americans to come together politically, as a country?”

She answered: “Oh, yes. I do. The Democratic Party has got to go away. It's got to just hang up its stirrups. I really think it has functionally gone the way of the Whigs, and it's just a matter of enough Democrats figuring that out.”

Maybe that could be her opening paragraph to Naaa, Naaa, Naaa, Naaa, Naaa, I Can’t Hear You, Liberals Have Cooties.
Dave Sutor [12:49 PM]