[ Tuesday, August 05, 2003 ]

Sutor for Governor

Larry Flynt won’t let a background in porn stop him. Gray Davis won’t let an apparent lack of ability hinder him. Dozens of Californians won’t let obscurity hamper their case.

All of those individuals have faced their obstacles and at least made some initial effort in pursuing the position of California governor.

So, I will not let my obstacle stop me.

I am not a resident of California. I have spent about a grand total of one hour in the state roaming in the desert somewhere off Route 15 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles just north of the Mojave National Preserve. Why should I let that stop me?

My lack of residency does not make me any less qualified than a bunch of other people who will likely meet the standard of bucking up $3,500 and collecting 65 signatures in order to get their name on the state’s upcoming governor recall election ballot. I am just as fit as any individual whether basically unknown or one of the country’s greatest pornographers.

That is why I demand my spot on the ballot. And that is why I demand my spot in this political circus.

And remember my slogan: Who the hell is he? Ahhh, just PhugIt ... vote for Sutor in 2003.
Dave Sutor [10:03 PM]