[ Thursday, August 14, 2003 ]

Slappin’ the donkey

We can only hope Al Sharpton meant the Democratic Party.

Please God, let that be the case.

During a recent debate between Democratic Party presidential candidates in Philadelphia, Sharpton stated, “If you want to move a donkey, you have to slap the donkey. I intend, in the next eight months, to slap this donkey all the way from Iowa to the last primary. I intend to slap this donkey until it stands up for the American people. I intend to slap this donkey until this donkey kicks George Bush right out of the White House.”

Logic would conclude Sharpton intended the statement as a message of his intention to spur debate in the Democratic Party - one with a donkey as its national symbol. However, pervert innuendo could create another image from those words.

And - just as a hunch - the average PhugIt reader probably knows something about pervert innuendo. (We’ve done studies.)

From that perspective, the image of Sharpton kicking President Bush out of the White House by slapping his donkey across the country falls somewhere along the spectrum between comical and mind-bendingly disturbing.

Fortunately for Sharpton, the Democrats never adopted a monkey as their symbol or he would be in prison, since ‘slapping the monkey’ would be a more widely recognized reference to a certain act by males. At least the donkey reference kept it in the realm of where a person would need to have at least some perversion on the mind to use the alternative meaning.
Dave Sutor [2:39 AM]