[ Tuesday, August 05, 2003 ]

Brother can you spare a whole lot?

Damn, Mike Tyson wasn’t already bankrupt.

Who knew?

Honestly, it just seemed like something that would have happened to the former boxing heavyweight champion a while ago. Didn’t it?

It’s a pretty standard story: Boxer wins title, makes obscene amounts of money, weds beautiful woman, beats said woman, loses said woman, loses said title, goes to prison (possibly repeatedly), discovers he has no money. It just seemed like Tyson would have already completed the circuit during his swirl of madness.

Maybe Tyson just didn’t want to lose all his money MC Hammer-style to the tune of tens of millions. Apparently, he was on a path to trump that number with serious aggression. Tyson just filed for bankruptcy after reportedly losing $300-$400 million.

At least nobody can repossess his tattoo ink.
Dave Sutor [10:00 PM]