[ Saturday, June 14, 2003 ]

Senator Springer and Governor Schwarzenegger?

Comedy becomes tougher to do when reality gets completely fucked up.

How can somebody make fun of a situation when the potential reality includes Jerry Springer as a United States Senator and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Governor of California?

Seriously, how is somebody supposed to come up with jokes about a situation when the reality is so twisted to start?

That would barley even make the cut for the last skit on Saturday Night Live because it would seem too farfetched. Just picture Schwarzenegger - with his previously steroid-infested body - debating Springer - backed by a group of rednecks, whose dream is to go on national television and admit they humped their brother’s wives - over the teachings of creationism or evolution in public schools.

Granted, Springer just tossed his name out as a possible candidate in a standard Senate race.
However, some individuals are actually calling for Schwarzenegger to run. That’s happening because some people want to recall current California Governor Gray Davis (D) due to the state’s crippled economy. In fact, currently people have gathered over half of the necessary 900,000 signatures to recall Davis, according to numerous sources, including this website

If that happens, California would hold a special two-question ballot.

First, people would be asked to basically cast a yes / no vote of confidence concerning Davis.

Secondly, they would be asked to pick a new Governor from an open list of candidates. With just a plurality needed to win among a possible half-dozen candidates or more during a short campaign, built-in name recognition would play a bigger role than usual.

Schwarzenegger would hold a significant advantage in that category.

Given that scenario, a person must ask how messed up is California that Schwarzenegger seems like the best possible savior-type figure?
Dave Sutor [1:40 PM]