[ Friday, May 23, 2003 ]

Time to quit

John Randolph and George Bernard Johnson might want to slow down their chemical recreation.

Both recently did some pretty stupid things due to their chemicals of choice. At least Randolph’s actions were just stupid. Johnson’s were dangerous.

Johnson, 66 of Wilkinsburg, PA, was recently denied the option of going to an in-patient treatment facility, while awaiting sentencing for a recent criminal conviction, according to this story in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. And what was Johnson’s crime, you ask?

Johnson recently pled guilty to his 32nd DUI since 1967 even though he has not possessed a valid driver’s license since 1979. Not 29. Not 30. Not 31. But 32 DUIs. And he was still on the streets. The court refused to allow the treatment, stating the opinion that he obviously did not want to get rehabilitated.

Meanwhile, Randolph found his own problems in Dublin, GA.

Recently, the bus driver reported a robbery during which he lost a gold necklace, loose change and a pistol. But there was something else. Randolph also told the officers that the crook stole his marijuana. When asked why he admitted the possession of an illegal substance to law enforcement officers, Randolph apparently said he was always taught to tell the truth, according to this link at

When that seems like a logical course of action, then you have smoked entirely way too much dope.
Dave Sutor [12:38 PM]