[ Thursday, May 22, 2003 ]

PhugIt got mail

Holy shit, somebody’s reading PhugIt and I don’t know the person.

First of all just let me state that I operate under the assumption that only people who know me read this site. I also work under the assumption the same thing is true about stories I write for other sources, like newspapers. I know that’s not true or I wouldn’t have a job. But that’s what I do.

Anyhow, I recently received an e-mail from somebody through the PhugIt address. It was a noteworthy PhugIt moment, since it was the first e-mail received from somebody who did not come from the same womb as me. (Note: Thanks to my sister Pati for the other e-mail in the past.)

The e-mail provided me with a link to a site called ReachM High Cowboy Network Noose. There’s some good stuff there. The top story on May 21 was entitled "Flashing on the Shrubbery" and featured the opening paragraph:

After a few days of postwar Iraq, I was pretty worn out. Months of active opposition to an approaching war had failed, fuelling passionate temper at its deception and inception. As the bombs flew, I needed no Al Jazeera reminders of the bloodshed and devastation. I could feel it, every day, in my soul.

It continued from there with a few more paragraphs and then a series of multimedia links. Go check it out. Some of the links are damn funny. Also read some other stuff. The site is interesting.

I also noticed a link on the side to PhugIt and Mike’s Gorilla-a-Gogo.

There was one also for The Meatstack - a site operated by Craig, who never broke his arm by jumping on the back of a moving truck when he attempted a getaway after a cheerleader in high school caught him trying to take nude pictures of her because her ex-boyfriend paid him to do so in order to get revenge on her. (Note: He knows what that means even if nobody else does. That’s good enough for me.)
Dave Sutor [1:48 AM]