[ Thursday, May 08, 2003 ]

Magical military uniforms

A standard military uniform must be able to protect somebody from biological or chemical weapons.

At least that is the impression a person could easily gather from looking at this photo posted at

It shows several soldiers working around what some people suspect might be a mobile Iraqi lab capable of producing weapons of mass destruction. It’s a little hard to sell that idea considering the soldiers’ attire.

They are all just dressed in basic military uniforms.

So, one of two conclusions can easily be drawn. First of all, maybe basic cloth military uniforms are capable of stopping biological and / or chemical agents from infiltrating the human body, thus making all of the toxic suits and gas masks unnecessary due to this magical fabric. Remember that exposure to even microscopic traces of these agents can lead to painful and almost instant death.

The magic fabric scenario seems unlikely. If it is true, however, the United States government should issue such clothing to every American citizen, so the US will never have to go to war again for this supposed reason. It would also be cheaper than fighting another war.

Based on this approach, terrorists could drop anthrax in somebody’s back yard and the person could survive if he wore the special jacket.

Again, that whole idea seems a little hard to believe.

More likely is the conclusion that people in charge are pretty sure there are not weapons of mass destruction at this particular site. But they know a good propaganda photo-op when they see one.
Dave Sutor [12:23 PM]