[ Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ]

Fictional facts

Jayson Blair could make The New York Times Best-Seller Fiction List and Nonfiction List ... for the same book.

It would be a tough call for any organization to label Blair’s possible future book. How would a person categorize a supposed nonfiction account of how he lost his previous job for lying? Fiction? Nonfiction? Complete bullshit?

We’ll probably soon learn that answer, since Blair recently acquired an agent to help him sort through potential book and movie deals.

The situation could become doubly interesting for The New York Times - the paper from which Blair resigned earlier this month after repeatedly plagiarizing other people’s work and committing other journalistic no-nos. Just imagine the irony if the NYT had to list Blair’s book on its internationally-known Best-Seller List.
Dave Sutor [11:29 PM]