[ Thursday, May 22, 2003 ]

Don’t feel blue ... feel orange, feel very orange

Americans should at least find themselves in kind of a code blue safety mood now.


Wasn’t safety the whole point of stomping Iraq in a war? Government officials, talking heads and other hawks repeatedly told people how eliminating Saddam Hussein would make Americans safer.

There is no increased safety, though.

Instead, the government just told us to be more afraid.

Basically since the Department of Homeland Security instigated a color-coded terror alert system, the ranking has been set at yellow or “elevated” with a few exceptions. The war was supposed to reduce our fear and the likelihood of terrorism. By now, the level should have dropped to blue (guarded) if that was the case.

It has not happened.

On the contrary, the level recently increased to orange or “high.” The level jumped due in part to recent terrorist attacks in places like Saudi Arabia apparently executed by al-Qaida. (Remember al-Qaida? You know, the guys who knocked down those tall buildings in New York City. None of whom came from Iraq.)

It kind of makes one wonder about the war’s necessity if the American military’s complete dominance cannot even create a relatively meaningless positive change on a crayon-based safety scale.
Dave Sutor [1:51 AM]